Terms & Conditions for Workshops

Workshops will be held at our Rustenburg Studio – Location will be send to you prior to each workshop for security measures.

Upon arrival at the workshop each participant will be asked to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) – Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding this.


Depending on the nature of your class, most classes will be held on a Saturday and will range from 2-6 hours. Within this classes you will get a brief on what we will be covering, time to familiarize yourself with your equipment, light snacks available to keep your energy going and our Goldsmith, Tricia, on standby for all help needed. Some of our classes will be more intimate and hands on then others. When your are finished with your piece you are more then welcome to stay the duration of the class and/or start another project if time allows it.

Process & Tools


Sterling silver / Brass / Copper will be provided to each participant depending on what you chose to work with. Metals will already be prepared where needed for time management. All necessary tools to create your Jewellery will be provided and you will go home with your unique masterpiece to showcase to all.


Depending on your class, you will have a choice in shape & size wax blanks for your piece. You will have access to the necessary sculpting tools needed to create your piece, all stay the property of Jewelicia Jewellery. You will receive pieces of wax to practice on and one piece per participant per class to work with, of which only one piece of your choosing will be casted. If you would like more to be casted it will be quoted separately.

When it comes to creativity there is no wrong or right, it’s all up to you.


We take every safety precaution to make each workshop fun and safe, and participation in the workshop is strictly voluntary and at your own risk. First aid kit will be available if needed.


Wax carving workshops – Your wax carvings will be labelled with your name and then sent off to be casted by our trusted and best expert goldsmith in sterling silver. You product will be finished within two-four weeks from the workshop date. You will then be notified when your product will be available for collection or shipped from our studio. Jewellery made at our in-house studio in the Manufacturing Workshops will be ready to go home on that date if finished. Other (unfinished items) will be arranged. Cuttlefish castings will be ready for collection/delivery one-two weeks after the class.


Tickets are strictly non-refundable. Detailed planning goes into each workshop, so if you are unable to fill your seat please find someone to replace you and kindly let us know as soon as possible.


Extras used on the day are payable by card, cash or direct EFT. Some of these extras used can add to your current turnaround time, like stone setting, engraving and additional extra pieces of Jewellery.

If there is a specific stone you would like to use or have in mind, please send the exact measurements and a image to make sure it will fit and can be used in your design. Where applicable we will advise you on suitable stone options, some stones need to be ordered, availability can not be guaranteed. We do not take any responsibility for stones damaged after collection of your piece. Only tube and gypsy setting will be available at specific workshops.

Chains for pendants can be bought on the day or ordered if not in stock. Ordered chains take up to two weeks depending on availability. Earring accessories like extra butterflies and stabilizers will be available to purchase.

Jewellery can be made in other precious metals such as Gold, when arranged and when quotes are accepted. Sterling silver Jewellery will be stamped with the necessary mark “925” and other metals with their corresponding mark.

Once your wax carving is done and out for casting the ring will not be able to be resized. Resizing of any rings will only be possible on specific designs and limited to one size up or down.

Plating of any Jewellery item isn’t permanent and does wear over time depending on the acidity of a person’s skin as well as the contact of soap, sunscreen, creams or perfume and other chemicals. Please ensure that you take the necessary precaution on taking care of your own Jewellery.

Note that Silver does oxidize over time due to the copper content in the metal, it can change color from yellow to grey to black to sometimes greenish with contact to everyday products and chemicals, skin contact and how you store your Jewellery. This is however not permanent and can be easily cleaned. Plating your Silver Jewellery can also prolong this process.

No items can be exchanged, returned or refunded. By making payment you accept the terms and conditions outlined above, as one would do by signing a contract.

We look forward to working with you.